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11/15/14 Update

Back In Business

I'm happy to announce that Synthcom's new office space is mostly finished, so I am no longer on hiatus. However, I have decided that there will be some changes in how I do business:

  • I will ship Europa kits once a month, usually around the 15th.
  • If you can't wait for the monthly ship date and want a kit sooner, then it will cost an extra US$30 for rush handling.
  • I will continue to perform installations for US customers for $60, provided that only the controller board is shipped.
More details are available on the orders page.

For those curious, I did ship a surprising number of Europa kits while on hiatus, and even installed a few mods, so it's not like Synthcom ever closed for business. But the experience did make me realize that the pressure of shipping quickly after receiving money was disruptive to my normal routine, hence the move to monthly order fulfillment.

10/19/14 Update

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the start of the Europa project! It all began with this email from Neil:
Since I've been doing firmware on various devices for a number of years, I'm feeling daring with my Jupiter 6. Currently, I have to save images off to tape (and load them up), but that seems silly to me seeing how the JP-6 has a CPU board devoted to control, and there's no Sysex way (via MIDI) to dump the data!

I'll probably have to wind up reverse engineering it. Any other JP-6 owners interested if I partake in this project? Thanks in advance....
I replied with:
We should REALLY talk about this. I've got a bit of hardware & software experience and I've got the schematics. I used to be pretty good at reverse engineering disassembled code. If you've got the tools, let's have a go at it. BTW, there are (3) 8031s in the JP-6 (one master, two on the voice boards). The division of responsibilities between the CPUs is partially described in the Service Manual.

PLEASE call me today at XXX-XXXX.
Neil and I had traded emails before, but this was the exchange that pushed us to meet each other and start working in earnest to reverse engineer the JP-6. By the next day Neil had generated a disassembly of the Roland firmware, I had decoded the memory map from the schematics, and we were on our way...

11/1/13 Update

I am in the process of building a new office for Synthcom business and research. Until it's finished and I've moved into it, I am unfortunately unable to fulfill orders for Europa kits or install Europa upgrades. If you'd like to be notified when the Europa upgrade is available again, please email sales with the subject line "Waiting List".

9/1/12 Update

Yes, we still sell the Europa upgrade for the Roland Jupiter-6! Please email sales, as it's the best way to get in touch with us, and we'll need your email address to complete the transaction.

7/1/10 Update

A few news items:
  • Synthcom has a new phone number! 832-EUROPA6 (832-387-6726). Please don't call the old number.
  • Synthcom no longer accepts credit card payments. For those that don't like Paypal, we offer Google Checkout as a payment option.
  • Synthcom is currently a low priority for me. It may take a few days for me to respond to your emails. However, shipping product is a priority for me, and I almost always ship all kit orders and board upgrades out the business day after receiving payment.

Version 2.0 Delayed

Completion of Europa version 2.0 has been delayed. :( The vast majority of users have no problems with it, but a few who clock the arpeggiator from an external device with a short clock pulse report a loss of clock sync. Unfortunately, fixing this is going to require a major architectural change, and a large investment of my time. Perhaps in the Fall of 2010.   

This version offers many new features, including:
  • Expanded Patch Memory
  • Multiple Undo function for Patch Editing
  • Layer Mode
  • Keyboard Transpose
  • Improved Arpeggiator Syncing with support for Song Position Pointer
This will be a free upgrade for current Europa owners once it's released.   If you currently own a copy of Europa and you'd like to receive a copy of the V2.0 release candidate now, please click here for details.

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