Here are a few direct quotes from users of Europa (all quoted and used with permission):

"With Europa one of the most powerful analog synths has been updated with a totally comprehensive MIDI spec and the best arpeggiator ever made! Why get a new fake analog synth when you can have REAL ANALOG with all the modern features and conveniences? "
Doug Terrebonne -

"Let's be clear, you would have great difficulty in prying my Europa Jupiter out of my dead hands, and so you guys have made a great product both better and modern."
Jeffrey Needham - Principal, Scale Abilities, Inc.

"europa is OUT OF HAND!!! you took an analog classic into the 21st century with serious style thanks for such a great product, you have given my music a whole new kick in the teeth (the new arpeggiator features are SICK!!) sysex?!? random patch generator!!!!!"
Adam Glitz - Musician, songwriter, producer

"I'm excited about the MIDI features! Being able to save and load patches and to use MIDI controllers has made my JP-6 into a new synth!"
Steve Grace - Composer/Musician

<> "Wow, Europa is incredible!!! This upgrade is brilliant. It takes one of the best analogue polysynths of all time and fixes its only flaw (early basic midi ). The possibilities are endless. I can't live without the midi control of parameters and the awesome new arpeggiator/sequencer modes not to mention the rest. This is a dream come true. Job well done Synthcom. Thank you ,thank you ,thank you!!!"
Jeff Koepper - Electronic musician/composer

" This upgrade has not only made my jupiter more stable, but it has given it a whole range of possibles, compared to what it was like, the upgrade is a most impressive asset to a classic, europa is also transparent in operation, thanks guys..
Chris Bickley - Producer, Zydek, Elysium-Cray