Synthcom proudly uses FreeBSD 4.0, a freely distributed BSD based UNIX (including source code), currently for IBM compatible platforms. The FreeBSD team is comprised of many people who, for the betterment of computing everywhere, have devoted copious amounts of their free time to enhance and create this wonderful OS. In our experiences, it is the most stable OS for Synthcom's host. To this date, since we've run FreeBSD 4.0, there have been NO operating system crashes or oddities one would usually expect with other operating systems. This site has actually been in existence for a little over seven years (before Synthcom Systems existed), serving mail, web pages, UUCP mail/news, DNS, and various other administrative functions without a single crash. Solid, solid SOLID!

Synthcom's web server is running Apache 1.3.12. It is a free web server currently used by more web servers than any other currently in existence (data obtained from Netcraft). Works great under FreeBSD and many other operating systems.

About The Server
CPU 550MHZ dual Pentium III (SMP Enabled)
Memory 256 Megabytes
Mass Storage  76 Gigabytes SCSI

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