"Carrie's Signature Quilt"

Finished quilt

Title block

Block by Aleta, a prayer.

Block by Angie, Psalm 46:10.

Block by Sheila, a poem.

Block by Linda, Psalm 86:11.

Block by Cindy, Psalm 118:1

Block by Valerie, Psalm 37:3-6.

Block by Amy, Proverbs 4:23,26-27.

Filler block for Chris, Zephania 3:17.

Block by Cheryl, a prayer.

Quilt Label

Pattern: Carrie's Signature Quilt
Created By: Valerie Bradley and all the girls from Chickfest
Created For: Carrie Becker and her first baby, Morgan.
Completed: March 25, 2006

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