"Four Habitats"

This is a quilt that will become a class project for my daughter's 2nd grade class. As part of their studies this year, they will be studying four habitats: Desert, Ocean, Rainforest and Tundra. Each student will pick an animal that they will focus on and make a report about. In a culmination of this project, the students will each be given one piece of white fabric with some fusible interfacing attached to the back. The students will draw a picture of their animal on the white fabric, which will then be cut out. The students will place their animals on the quilt, I'll attach them in place, and THEN the quilt will be done!

Finished blank!

Completed quilt!

Pattern: My own design
Created By: Valerie Bradley
Created For: My daughter's 2nd grade class teacher, Mrs. Tanner
Blank Completed: March 15, 2012
Animals Completed: May 16, 2012

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