Hand Dyeing

With help from Kimberly (http://www.quiltpox.com), I have learned how to make my own hand-dye fabrics! It is a fun but time consuming project... and I think I'm hooked! Here are my hand-dyed fabrics... all the images below are clickable so you can see larger versions.

More photos of hand dyed fabrics!

  • Page 1: Cotton quilting fabric
  • Page 2: Silk fabric, silk/wool scarves, silk knit tank tops

Here is the 12-step color gradation that I made for the class Kimberly offered.
A side-view of the same 12-step color gradation.
The front of some WOW dyed by squishing it into a baggie with the dye. Blue-green and Fuschia.
The same pieces, seen from the back.
This time, I tried tying the fabric into knots. The blue was folded diagonally before being tied, the red-orange had each corner tied into a knot.
The same pieces, seen from the back.
These were folded accordion-style and then folded in half again. The purple really shows this, the yellow is more subtle.
The same pieces, seen from the back.
This is one of two pieces done parfait-style. I shoved part of the FQ into a cup, poured in some red dye, then shoved some more in and poured in the yellow dye, then shoved the rest of the FQ in and poured in some blue dye. Although I have to say this looks a lot like Christmas!
The same piece, seen from the back.
This is the other parfait one I did, this time just with blue and red dyes.
The same piece, seen from the back.

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