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Welcome to my quilting page! I've been quilting for a while now, I completed my first quilt in January 1999. I find that quilting is very relaxing, and I enjoy playing with the colors and patterns. This site is dedicated to sharing my quilts and sharing my experience with anyone who wishes to look. Quilting is fun, everyone should try it! :)


Charity Quilts

In between projects I make for family and friends, I make quilts for charity. To see my charity quilts, please click here. Even my two girls are starting to do charity quilts! You can see their quilts here.

Antique Quilts

I have recently come into posession of some antique quilts. To see my antique quilts, please click here.

Fabric Postcards

And when I really have nothing better to do (LOL!) I make fabric postcards. To see my fabric postcards, please click here.

Hand Dyeing Fabric

As if I don't have enough on my plate, I also have started hand dyeing fabric! It is so much fun to do. :) To see my hand dyed fabric, please click here.

Doll Quilts

Recently, my online quilting forum The Quilting Bee has been hosting doll quilt swaps. There is a theme for each swap, and each participant makes a doll quilt for one other participant in the swap. I have even started making a few doll quilts for other reasons too. :) To see my doll quilts, please click here.


And yes, I've recently learned to knit. Woo hoo! It's fun and so portable, great for when I take the kids to their after school activities or to doctor appointments. To see my hand dyed fabric, please click here.

My Quilts

These are the quilts I have made for friends, family, and even a couple for myself. :) Enjoy browsing!

Quilts 1-10:
"Woven Ribbons"
"Mystery Quilt #1"
"Baby Beads"
"Lavendar Garden"
"Jacie's Garden"
"Harvest Bounty"
"Big Girl Bed"
"Chloe's River"
"Chicken N' Stars"

Quilts 11-20:
"Kincaid Ribbons"
"Spring Garden"
"Korean Honor"
"Hidden Surprise"
"Scrappy Flag"
"Moonlit Stars"
"Little Miracle"
"Swirling Leaves"
"Cozy Beads"

Quilts 21-30:
"Alzheimer Blanket"
"Davis The Fourth"
"Davis Pinwheels" (Series of 4 quilts)
"Jane's Room"
"Big Girl Bed Deux"
"Stars Shine From Within"
"You Are My Sunshine"

Quilts 31-40:
"Polly's Inn"
"Amethyst Star"
"Ken's Memory Quilt"
"Amy's Quilt"
"Path To My Log Cabin"
"Grace's Quilt"
"Flutterby Flowers"
"Carrie's Signature Quilt"
"Strawberry Fields"
"Kelly's Broken Dishes"

Quilts 41-50:
"Bricks & Stepping Stones"
"Row by Row Round Robin"
"Mystery Quilt 16: Christmas Wallhanging"
"QuiltPox Challenge 2006: Firsts In All Directions"
"Prepare For Takeoff"
Star Light Star Bright
From Conway and Nicole (2 quilts)
Litia's QP Baby Quilts (2 quilts)

Quilts 51-60:
Quilting Passion 2007 BOM
From Nicole For Jeremy
"Stars Shine Bright""
QuiltPox Challenge 2007
Christmas Quilts for my Girls (2 quilts)
"True Blue"
"Mystery RRRR 2008"
Christmas gifts for best friend's two daughters (2 quilts) (sorry, no photos)

Quilts 61-70:
Class quilt for daughter's First Grade class (sorry, no photos)
Challenge: Self Portrait
Val's Block Shower Quilt
End of Year Gift for Mrs. Farrand
Erin's Rose Bed
Quilt for Soheila
Twisted Mystery #4
"Christmas Stars"
"Fern Fever"
"Mrs. Tanner's Class Quilt"

Quilts 71-80:
"Toolin' Around"
"Roses For Laura"
"Baby Nellie's Nickels"
"Helen's Four Quilts" (4 quilts)
"Memories In The Stars"
Quilts 81-90:
Nicole's Winter Quilt
Erin's Winter Quilt
Nathalie's Quilt
Toolin' Around 2
Flannel Stars
Springy Kitties
Go Beavers!
Go Ducks!
Twisted Mystery #6

Quilts 91-100:
"Roll Roll, Cotton Boll"
"Peyton's Quilt"
Twisted Mystery #7
"Quilt Virgin No More"
2012 Stash Buster Quilts
Four Habitats for Mrs. Tanner
Blue Tulips
Sparkles' Stars
Quilts 101-110:
"Parker's Quilt"
"Baby Blessings"
"Easy Street"
"Tea Time At Nana's"
"Jo Anne's Quilt"


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